Sold on 21 Jan 2013

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    Sheep in LONGREACH

    700 Merino Wethers - SOLD

      700 Merino Wethers. A good line of 3 & 4 year old store wethers that are medium to large frame, wethers will present in store condition. At assessment there were 193 handled 11 horne, 1 green tag
      2011, 4 black tag 2008 with a weight range of 29 - 52 Kgs to A/V 37.65 kgs after a 24hr wet curfew. Wethers have a good start to the wool and are still in good health A/v 4.5 kgs & 20.2 mic at shearing in 2013. Wethers that will cut you a good fleece or to fatten

      For further information please contact Ray White Livestock Longreach, Dale Kirchen on 0438 580 302