Julia Creek 

Sold on 8 Mar 2016

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    Cattle in Julia Creek

    96 Cows - SOLD

      100 % Brahman & Brahman Cross. 96 Pregtested Empty Store Brahman Cows that are 3-13years. A mob of store conditioned Brahman cows that were Station PTE at assessment. These cows were trucked from a Northern Forrest property the week prior to assessment and are picking up on the fresh feed at Argyle. The cows would
      suit to be grass fattened. Please note that there are a % of cows with capped hips in this mob as well as cows with no tails.
      This mob contains 3 speyed cows also. The vendor also has another 2 decks in this sale of Cows & Calves and PTIC over
      4 months.

      A/c Argyle Pastoral Company

      For more details and full clearing sale list please contact Ray White Livestock Longreach, Bill Seeney on 0427 580 301.